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Project Categories

Hands-On – Support our local community!
Initiative – This category contains projects that are not affiliated with local organizations; requires personal or school initiative
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Fundraiser – Camp Kesem
Camp Kesem University of Washington supports children affected by a parent’s cancer by providing a free week long camp to have fun and be a kid again. To learn more look up CampKesem UW on Facebook and YouTube, or click the link here.
Fundraiser – General
Raise funds for a local (Act Locally!) or global community service organization! Be creative (Past ideas: bake sale, coin drive competition, school-wide garage sale, silent auction) and try to raise awareness for the cause or issue chosen.
Dates: Anytime
Fundraiser – Family Renewal Shelter
Family Renewal Shelter is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing healing hope and a new life to victims of domestic violence. Founded in 1986, Family Renewal Shelter is a confidential domestic violence shelter in Pierce County WA. They serve primarily high risk victims of domestic violence who believe that they must escape their abusive relationship and go into hiding in fear of further physical abuse. For some victims, this is the only chance they have to stay alive as domestic violence claims thousands of victims every year in our country. The cost to our society has been enormous. By helping thousands of victims in their 22 year history, they have discovered that there is hope and healing that has given countless families an opportunity to start over safe and secure and with promising future.
Dates: Anytime
Fundraiser – Ears for Kids
The Puyallup Lions have been very active in the preservation of sight in our community. They have purchased equipment for the hospital that allowed for the examination and treatment of eye injuries in the emergency room. They have provided countless pairs of eyeglasses to those in need, especially the children in our community. Help the Puyallup Lions Club raise money for hearing aids for needy children and adults both locally and abroad in Peru. Each hearing aid costs about $100, and the demand only increases each year!
Dates: Anytime
Fundraiser – Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation
The Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation was established in 1986 to help Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center meet increasing demands for charitable gifts to support the needs of children and families in our community. The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and community awareness for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center, and to assist the hospital in achieving its mission of providing care for all children, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.
Dates: Anytime
Fundraiser – Heifer International
Read to Feed is a reading incentive service-learning program that offers global education opportunities and will foster in your children a love for reading, a passion to help others and a way to help create a better world!
Dates: Anytime
Fundraiser – Clean Compassion
Clean Compassion is a humanitarian organization with a mission to bring hope and a future to the poor of the world by creating jobs using environmentally clean technology. Clean Compassion was founded on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity for hope; everyone deserves an opportunity to earn an income; and everyone deserves to live with light. Right now as you read this, over 1.5 billion people live without electricity. They survive hand to mouth living on less than two dollars a day. You can change that today. Twenty five dollars buys a solar light for someone in a developing nation. When they sell the light, they live off the profit giving them the opportunity to buy more solar lights creating a small business. Creating jobs; Offering hope; Saving our environment.
Dates: On-Going
Fundraiser – Red Cross
Raise funds for various disaster relief or local Red Cross
Dates: On-Going
Fundraiser – Mother2Many
Raise funds or collect food, coats, and toiletry items for homeless youth in our community. $15 funds a full backpack of necessities for a child experiencing homelessness in East Pierce County.
Learning, philanthropy and character-building program which students collect donations, starting with their own spare change, in honor of local blood cancer patients.  Participating schools are provided with a free interactive STEM curriculum for grades K-5. Pennies for Patients is flexible to the school’s schedule, provides one-on-one or student group meetings, and offers assemblies led by a Pennies for Patients representative.  Pennies for Patients has a partnership with the local Olive Garden, all Puyallup schools may be qualified for a free pasta lunch delivered to the top donating classroom.
FundraiserValue Village FUNDrive
Reach out to your community and give them an opportunity to donate their gently used clothes, linens, household items, toys, books and more!  Pick a date, promote, and collect!

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Hands-On – St. Francis House
Help organize the St. Francis House Food, Furniture, or Clothing Bank! Large groups of volunteers are needed on weekdays and Saturdays to help hang up clothes.
Dates: Saturdays and Sundays 7:00am-9:00am or 9:00am-1:30pm
Hands-On – YMCA Friends and Servants
Various volunteer opportunities are available with YMCA Friends and Servants. Visit the website for additional details and ideas.
Hands-On –Start Talking Now
Washington State has new rules that limit outdoor alcohol ads, to reduce youth exposure to them. We need to raise awareness among young adults of the legal penalties for providing alcohol to minors. Distribute Let’s Draw the Line commitment cards in your school and in the community; have your students draw the line between youth and alcohol!
Dates: Flexible scheduling
Hands-On –Puyallup Food Bank
Help manage the Puyallup Food Bank, which provides food to individuals in need through seven food bank locations in Pierce County! Contact Shanna Peterson to set up group events.
Dates: TBA
Hands-On – Peace Lutheran Church
Contact Peace Lutheran to learn about volunteer opportunities.
Dates: Ages 12 and up. Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.
Hands-On – Catholic Community Services
Be a volunteer to an elder or an adult with a disability in your neighborhood! Volunteers choose which tasks they wish to help with. Many people in our community need help with shopping, light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and yard work in order to continue living independently. Volunteer Chore Services (VCS) is committed to helping elders and adults with disabilities remain independent in their own homes through a network of caring community members.
Dates: TBA
Hands-On – Emergency Food Network
Volunteers are needed and can get involved with the Emergency Food Network by emailing
Dates: Saturdays from 9-12 and 1-3
Hands-On – The Salvation Army
Help out at the senior center in areas such as serving meals, cashiering, setting up and calling BINGO, setting up tables, food bank, and providing new ideas! For more volunteer opportunities go to
Dates: TBA
Hands-On – TACID
TACID focuses on helping people with all types of disabilities regain or maintain their independence. Come to the TACID center to share your skills, hobbies, talents, and interests with others: Computer skills, play games, art and crafts, assist program services, or clerical work! Help with yard work, the computer resource center, or help blind clients by putting books and newsletters on tape! Call TACID to learn how you can volunteer. 253-565-9000
Dates: TBA
Hands-On – Altrusa International-Puyallup
Altrusa International of Puyallup Valley is a community service organization that espouses volunteerism, service, and fights for literacy and against AIDS. Altrusa needs help gift wrapping for Christmas, stamping donated books, set up with Walk for Literacy in February, and helping the Friends of the Library. Dates: TBA
Hands-On – Silver Creek Retirement
Create an active and happy community with various activities including games, helping with special events, group choirs, and play performances, arts, crafts, and writing, reading, outing assistants, card dealers and teachers, set up dining room, etc.
Dates: TBA
Hands-On – Puyallup Recreation Center
Clean one of the Puyallup public parks!
Dates: Flexible scheduling. Call Ron Orchard 253-841-5404 for more information.
Hands-On –
Make care packages for soldiers!
Dates: Anytime
Hands-On – Helping Hand House
Volunteer with the Helping Hand House in a variety of ways. Contact Laurie for ways of getting involved.
Dates: Flexible scheduling. Contact: Laurie (253) 651 7152, – Director of Volunteer Services
Hands-On – Mountain View Community Center Seeds of Change
The Seeds of Change Free Meal Program serves healthy low-cost dinners, often using foods available at the Edgewood Community Food Bank. Help serve on the kitchen and serving team!
Dates: Thursdays, 5-6:30pm
Puget Creek Restoration Society is dedicated to protecting, enhancing, and restoring the Puget Creek! They are in need of volunteers (grade 4 and up, unless there is additional adult help) to help eradicate non-native invasive vegetation, some planting and monitoring activities, and also office work. They may have funding for transportation, too!
Dates: Every Saturday and Sunday
Hands-On – Art Gifts
Make art gifts to send to a local children hospital or retirement home!
Dates: Anytime
Hands On – Mother Earth Farm
Mother Earth Farm is an 8-acre organic farm located in the beautiful Puyallup Valley. The farm distributes 80,000 pounds of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs to Pierce County food banks and meal sites. Food from the farm is available to food banks within 24-hours of harvest.
Hands On – Step By Step
Step By Step brings hope and health to these vulnerable women by providing the resources and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home. We help each mom put her best foot forward, encouraging each positive step she takes towards establishing a stable and healthy home for herself and her baby.

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Initiative – Recycling System
Promote recycling at a school/revamp school’s recycling system
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Clean School
Is there an area or classroom in your school that needs some cleaning? Gather a group of students and clean it!
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Tutoring
Are there opportunities for you to tutor students? Explore and volunteer! A
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Raise Awareness
Prepare a skit, drama, or presentation to school(s) or community locations to raise awareness for a pressing social issue or to encourage community service!
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – City of Puyallup
Clean up part of the community!
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Thank You Letters
Is there a teacher, staff, or parent that deserves recognition at your school? Is there a group of people in your community who could use some encouragement? Write thank you letters or notes!
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Research Puyallup
Do you really know Puyallup? The website would love to have a student-designed page titled “Needs of Puyallup” that would contain statistics and descriptions of the problems we face as a community, what is being done, and what we can do.
Dates: Anytime
Initiative – Elementary School Science Project
Help a struggling kid with his or her science project! This is an excellent way to help your younger peers. Your time will not only ensure that they can do well on their science project but give them the confidence and encouragement they need to succeed in school!
Dates: After-school, late January to mid February
Initiative – Animal Shelter
Volunteer at a local animal shelter!
Dates: Anytime

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Supply Drive – Goodwill Clothing Drive
The Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. Help our local Goodwill by holding a clothing drive. Contact Elaine Brabham –, or Linda Trendler – for more information.
Dates: Anytime
Supply Drive – St. Francis House
St. Francis House has a food, furniture, and clothing bank.
Dates: Anytime
Supply Drive – The Puyallup Food Bank
Food items needed (canned or plastic containers only): Beef chili or stew, diced tomatoes, green beans, corn, cereal, tuna, vegetable, canned noodle, or tomato soup, peanut butter, fruit cocktail, peaches, pears, pork and beans, spaghetti, mac and cheese, baby food; Non-food items needed: toothpaste, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, diapers, toiler paper, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, combs and hair brushes
Dates: Anytime
Supply Drive – Puyallup Homeless Coalition
Raise supplies for Puyallup’s homeless population/Freezing Nights: warm clothing, adult pajamas, books, toiletries, etc.
Dates: Anytime
Supply Drive – Helping Hand House
Help end homelessness in Pierce County! Needed items: Gently used furniture, new or gently used household items, new non-perishable food, new cleaning supplies, personal hygiene. Click here for detailed list.
Dates: Anytime
Supply Drive – Family Renewal Shelter
Family Renewal Shelter Needed items: new clothing, non-perishable food items and especially gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, gas stations and fast food restaurants. Small amount on the gift cards are best.
Diaper drives, Baby Bottle drives, Baby Shower for Care Net. Any time students/adult supervisors want to organize and do the drives or baby shower items.  Please email or call Kim Sandberg, Client Services Director, as to a time to drop items off and have a tour. Students/adults can also volunteer on site.

Registered Projects

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