An annual community service event, coordinated by Communities In Schools of Puyallup, that encourages K-12 students in the Puyallup School District to engage in local community service.


January through March Annually

Why Participate

  • Solve problems
  • Strengthen communities
  • Improve lives
  • Connect to others
  • Transform our own lives


History of March Gladness

In February of 2005, Communities In Schools of Puyallup (CISP) responded to a pressing community need by agreeing to coordinate a joint Tsunami relief project.

The effort was a tremendous success. Later that year when Hurricane Katrina caused severe destruction along the Gulf coast, Communities In Schools of Puyallup again responded by coordinating a joint fundraising project that raised over $100,000 for schools in New Orleans. Students and community leaders helped set ideas in motion and made results happen.

As CISPs role in the tragic events unfolded, school, faith, and community leaders met again and decided that the best follow-up to the success of the projects was to involve student leadership and create a menu of wide-ranging public service projects for the Spring semester now known as March Gladness.